Coulee Collaboration Award

Application Process


This describes the purpose of the Coulee Collaboration Awards grant making program, eligibility criteria, and the procedures to follow in submitting your proposal. Please review these guidelines carefully and submit your proposal in the requested format.

  • The Grant Program: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019
  • Grant Submission Deadline: April 1, 2018

The Project: “Really Making a Difference”

The purpose of our “Really Making a Difference” Program is to encourage collaboration between and among non-profit, for-profit and governmental organizations/entities in the La Crosse County area, toward achieving the goal of addressing the major concerns set forth in the 2015 COMPASS NOW Report. These concerns include four main categories and twelve sub-categories of areas determined to be in need of improvement. The full Report is available online at the Great Rivers United Way website, and an abridged version is annexed hereto. The 2018 Program consists of three separate awards: A $100,000.00 award; a $50,000 award and a $25,000 award.

The awards will be made in June, 2018, to grant applicants whose proposals demonstrate to the greatest degree of feasibility under the circumstances, workable, sustainable and measurable progress towards addressing the need(s) selected for purposes of the Award.

A successful application will:

  • Foster and/or demonstrate collaboration among different businesses, for-profit and non-profit organizations, community agencies, and City/County government in an effort to address the issue(s) selected for the award application.
  • Reflect a collective and comprehensive strategy for identifying how to deal with the issue(s) selected for the award application.
  • Demonstrate a collaborative work-plan to implement the strategies involving the above-stated issue(s).
  • Involve, to a meaningful extent, those individuals who will ultimately benefit from award.
  • Include a memorial or dedication to the philanthropic endeavors and altruistic values of Robert & Eleanor Franke.

Elements of the Grant Application:

Initial Considerations:

  • We will consider projects directly benefiting the residents of La Crosse County, proposed by a non-profit organization (including, without limitation, community organizations, charitable foundations, schools, governmental entities and agencies, religious institutions and medical facilities) whose base of operations in located in La Crosse County.
  • We do not make grants to individuals, to existing endowments, for capital building projects, lobbying, advocacy or for primarily religious purposes.
  • Only one application may be filed for consideration at a specific award level. Applications are limited to the amount for which the award is being sought. An applicant may file more than one application for different award levels, but filing multiple applications will not increase the likelihood of selection for the award. Each application will be judged only among applications for the same amount. Applicant organizations must meet the following initial criteria:
  • Be a Nonprofit corporation with proof of 501(c) tax-exempt status;
  • Have a minimum of three years of experience, in whole or in a significant part, dealing with the issue(s) to be addressed in the Application;
  • Be able to show evidence of successful collaboration with at least one other grant-eligible organization/entity in dealing with one or more of the issues referenced in the 2015 COMPASS NOW Report or any previous Coulee Collaboration Award, during the past 2 years;
  • Be able to demonstrate strong board involvement and competent leadership; and
  • Be able to show satisfactory evidence that the Applicant is financially stable and would likely be able to fulfill the project’s implementation strategy(ies) as outlined in its Proposal.

Application Contents:

  1. Cover letter, on your letterhead, signed by your director
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Organization Background (mission, major activities, and credentials for carrying out project, including the criteria stated above)
  4. Narrative (no more than twenty-five (25) pages) that includes:
    • Project Description
      • Brief statement of the specific issue(s) to be addressed
      • Goals and objectives, specifically what you plan to accomplish through the award
      • Identification of strategic plan, including collaborative participants and beneficiary involvement
      • Implementation methodology and timetable
      • Other project-related activities, if any, necessary for full implementation of strategies.
      • Key Staff (with attached resumes)
      • Memorial/Dedication concepts for Robert & Eleanor Franke
    • Plan for measuring project results
    • Project Budget (expenses and income), including alternative/additional funding sources, if any
      • If alternative or additional funding is anticipated, indicate how/whether the Project could be sustained if such funding is not available to Provide information supporting the viability of the Project following the exhaustion of this initial funding
  5. Conclusion (brief statement of long-term project plan)
  6. Signatures of Executive Directors of all collaborating organizations
  7. Appendices (Attachments)
    • Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws
    • Verification of tax-exempt status (IRS determination letter)
    • List of officers and Board of Directors
    • Staff Biographies
    • Organization Operating Budget
    • Latest Financial statement (audited, preferred)
    • List of other current funding sources and uses.
    • Current Annual Report (if available)
    • Consultant/subcontractor commitment letters (if applicable)
    • Support letters or endorsements (limited to maximum of two)
    • Copy(ies) of Collaboration Agreements, if any

Robert and Eleanor Franke Charitable Foundation