Matching Grants Award

The Foundation welcomes grant requests from non-profit organizations serving the Greater La Crosse Area residents. Grant recipient organizations must be tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Matching grants are not paid to individuals. Grants are made to programs, and for projects, that support the Mission of the Foundation, and fall within the Foundationís Action Plan as described below.


The following guidelines are for the Foundation's Matching Grant program, which awards grants solely from unrestricted funds, and approved by the Boards of Directors of the Franke Foundation and the La Crosse Community Foundation.

The Foundation only supports organizations that do not unlawfully discriminate in their employment practices, volunteer opportunities, or delivery of programs and services on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, medical condition, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law.

The Foundation has adopted an Action Plan which allows grants to be made to projects and programs which:

  • Promote the efforts of students to seek and to pursue their educational goals.
  • Assist those who are temporarily unable to pay for basic housing costs, including rent and utilities.
  • Assist those who are not meeting their quantitative and/or qualitative nutritional needs as a result of economic disadvantage, social stigma, lack of education, availability of suitable or appropriate food sources or other remediable impediments to basic food security.
  • Assist those in need of clothing, disability services, recovery from addictions, skills enhancement and other services which improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged individuals and families.
  • Assist in strengthening and protecting children and families.
  • Promote the humane treatment of our animal friends

The Foundation may consider more than one application from the same agency in a twelve-month period, although such applications are given a lower priority for grant funding. Generally, if a multi-year pledge is made to an agency, it is unlikely that the Foundation will act favorably on additional requests from that agency during the pledge period.

PLEASE NOTE: The Foundation will not award grants to:

  • support ongoing operating expenses of well-established organizations; or support deficit funding;
  • fund needs that should more properly be funded in an operating budget of an organization;
  • mature endowment funds;
  • travel for individuals or groups; and
  • organizations whose purpose and/or function conflicts with Roman Catholic teaching and beliefs.


The Foundation reviews grant requests three times per year. The Foundation requires that grant-seekers complete this application form and return the original and seven (7) copies of the Application Cover Sheet and Narrative portions of the Application with the relevant supporting materials (depending upon the applicability of the conditions stated.

Applications are considered on the 2nd Friday of May, August and November, and must be submitted by:

  1. April 1st to be considered at the May board meeting
  2. July 1st to be considered at the August board meeting
  3. October 1st to be considered at the November board meeting

Foundation staff can assist applicants with questions regarding the grant process or other Foundation services.


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