Application Submission Process

The Grantmaking Process:

The Franke Foundation is a supporting organization of the La Crosse Community Foundation, the Diocese of La Crosse and Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare. Grants are made available out of undesignated funds from the La Crosse Community Foundation Franke Foundation Fund.

  1. Read the general Grant Guidelines and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  2. Review the Areas of Interest to determine if your organization and project idea falls within one or more of qualifying criteria.
  3. Contact the Foundation to request a Grant Application, or follow the links below to review the guidelines and application for a specific award program.
  4. You are strongly encouraged to communicate with Foundation Staff ahead of the submission of your Application, to determine the suitability of your proposal or to discuss how your goal(s) can be developed into a suitable proposal. When your Application is completed, you will need to submit the original, with all Attachments [described below], along with eight (8) copies to the Foundation Office.

    Attachments: You need only submit one copy of the following: IRS Tax Exemption letter, annual financial statement for the organization, Form 990, List of Directors and affiliations, Letters of Support, Annual Report and Non-Discrimination Policy.

  5. Effective 2016, the grant-making process employed by the Franke Foundation has changed. See our general Grant Guidelines.

    Submissions of grant applications should fall into at least one of the following processes:


      The $100,000 "Coulee Collaboration Award" will become an annual award. Criteria for the 2016 Award and the process for submitting applications will be announced in March, with the deadline for submitting applications being December 31st. A public event will be held in March, 2017, at which the successful Award applicant will be announced, along with the criteria and application process for the 2017 Coulee Collaboration Award.

      Review the Coulee Collaboration Award Application Guidelines


      "Community Initiative Awards" will be awarded in May and November of each year. Criteria for the Awards are contained in the Grant Guidelines, and will also be made available on our web-site. Applications for these Community Initiative Awards must be submitted according to the following schedule:
      Award CriteriaSubmission Deadlineno later than
      Youth Focused AwardApril 1st
      General AwardOctober 1st

      Review the Community Initiative Award Application Guidelines


      "Fundraising Matching Grants": Applications will need to be submitted according to the following schedule:
      Date of Fundraising Event(s)Submission Deadlineno later than
      Mid-May - Mid-AugustApril 1st
      Mid-August - Mid-NovemberJuly 1st
      Mid-November - Mid-May (following year)October 1st
      If you have questions regarding this scheduling system, please contact Foundation Staff.

      Review the Fundraising Matching Grant Application Guidelines


      "Standard Grant Requests": Applications will need to be submitted according to the following schedule:
      Date Funds are NeededSubmission Deadlineno later than
      Mid-May - Mid-AugustApril 1st
      Mid-August - Mid-NovemberJuly 1st
      Mid-November - Mid-May (following year)October 1st

      Review the Standard Grant Application Guidelines

  6. The Grant Advisory Committee is comprised of the five (5) members of the Foundation's Board of Directors together with three (3) local community volunteers. This Board meets three times per year on the second Friday in August, November and May.
  7. The Committee's recommendations will be voted upon by the Board of Directors, and their decision to fund or decline the Application in whole or in part, will be submitted to the La Crosse Community Foundation for approval. The results will be communicated to you in a letter from the Community Foundation, and in a separate letter from the Franke Foundation which will include your award, along with an explanation of any conditions upon the award. A Grant Follow-Up form will have to be completed and sent to the Community Foundation within 11 months of the receipt of the grant. This form is available on their website.
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